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First off let me say thanks to all the folks who showed up today for our little 'spur of the moment' get together.  Peter & Patty from Quartzsite were the first to arrive followed by the Bouse gang, Jim, Ellie, Janna, Mike & their little sweetie pie doggy Emmi.  Donna (Froggi Donna) & Stu rolled in from Yuma on their Harley's about half an hour later followed closely by Motty, Patti, & their energetic boxer dog, Moe.  They drove in from their temporary RV Park in Blyth, California.

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Because this gathering was a last minute idea Kelly & I hadn't been to town to pick up any supplies so a big  thank you goes out to Peter & Patti for a yummy plate load of delicious brownies.  Motty & Patty brought in a load of Bagels, dip, & Danish pastries.  Thanks guys:))  And Peter, thanks for the two packets of popping corn. 

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Always nice to meet fellow bloggers & put a face to the posts.  We've probably been following Donna's post the longest.  Kelly first met Donna at a gas station in Ajo, Arizona 3 years ago.   I think it's about a year now that we first came across Janna's blog when we were at the ranch in McNeal.  I  think Janna & Mike emailed us inquiring about a boondocking spot near Sierra Vista.  Motty & Patti first emailed us a couple months ago & we met them at the Bisbee Breakfast Club in Bisbee last month.  Jim has been on my Facebook for awhile but I had never connected who he was until a few days ago despite first meeting him a week ago today.  Ellie does the blog in their family & today was the first time we met her.  Peter & Patty don't have a blog but they are blog readers.

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Let me say that these are all fine people just as are most if not all RV folks we have met.  RV'ers are a different breed of people unto themselves & as a group overall, I don't think you can find a finer bunch of folks.  One of the key factors is age & maturity.  No game playing, no one upmanship, no schemes or scams.  As a rule these are all successful folks in one field or another who are at the age & stage where they are comfortable in their own skin & do not have to impress or razzle dazzle anyone anymore.  Nice to have friends like that I'd say.

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I'm usually not very comfortable in a crowd of people but felt not too bad about it today.  Experienced my usual guilt feelings after everyone had left that I hadn't got to talk to more people individually.  I'm actually a bit more comfortable in one on one encounters.  Kelly felt the same way about not getting to talk longer with everyone so we'll just  have to wait until individual paths are crossed again someday. 

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Jim & Ellie are new to boondocking & have been enjoying themselves immensely up near Bouse with friends Janna & Mike.  When we first met Jim a week ago it became evident that he was really enjoying the boondocking lifestyle & after meeting Ellie today I think the bug has bitten them both.   For sure they will find it difficult going back to RV Parks now that they have experienced the much quieter &  finer side of RVing.  Good work Janna & Mike for helping your friends, 'see the light .'       :))



While listening to some of the conversation going around today I became aware of an overall consensus among all people present & it was something that surprised me.  Some of the these folks have been very involved in various clubs organizing rallies, events, newsletters,  etc.  Some have been involved in RV Park activities & social events but what I was hearing today was a move away from the 'organized' structure of things.  As most of you readers know, Kelly & I are not fond of all that socializing stuff that goes on in a lot of clubs, parks, groups, etc.  & after listening to some of the wild & whacky stories today about  what these people have seen & experienced I am sooooooo very glad we are the way we are.  Call us anti-social if you will but today it was nice to meet others of similar opinions.  And it was nice to hear their reasons of, why!!  It just reaffirmed our belief that for us, we are definitely on the right track with our way of life despite what is considered to be, & pressured to be........'the norm!!' 

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Always sad to see people depart because in this life it is an unknown factor if or when you will ever see any of these folks again.  It's just the nature of the RV lifestyle & I think it is that which creates the silent bond among RV travelers.  It's unspoken friendships resulting from  brief encounters of a friendly kind................10-4:))





GROANER'S CORNER:((  A wise old man celebrating his 100th birthday got a visit from a local television reporter at the nursing home to interview him.
"Are you able to get out and walk much?" the reporter asked. "Well, I certainly can walk better today than I could a hundred years ago!!"



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. It looks like your last minute gathering turned out well and everyone looked to be relaxed and enjoying themselves.

    You are absolutely right about the RVing bunch being extremely genuine, down to earth folks. We have met so many wonderful people on our travels. In a world filled with scams, hidden agendas and poker faces its very difficult to meet a decent person out here. But RVers are all like minded and stay away from the drama of todays society. That's why we ditched our possessions and headed out to hide in the deserts and forests for some peace, tranquility and what WE consider to be "the norm". We don't care about fancy clothing, makeup and hairdos. We get down to what matters, the human soul.

  2. We wish we coulda been there, but as you know, we have taken on the jobs, committees, agendas all your other friends have dropped out of. We may drop out of these things again, but not for a while. If somebody were to buy us a set of solar panels and a bunch of batteries and the capacity to carry all that stuff, maybe we'd drop out sooner! Glad you had a good time with the other desert rats! If we'd been there, we've brought cowboy cookies!

  3. Why is it that so many avid boondockers feel the need to say that their method of RV'ing is "finer" and more preferable to the majority who enjoy RV parks and campgrounds? Boondocking is terrific for those that enjoy the wild and the wilderness, but it's not for everyone, including me. I happen to like shore power and water and the ability to go for a nice long swim in a beautiful pool every day.

    To me, it has absolutely nothing to do with socializing etc. as I rarely, if ever, attend any of the "organized fun" events you mention. I've always found boring when I'm home and the same goes for when I'm on the road. I can and do, however, find all of the privacy and solitude I want right here in my RV Park of 450 sites - it's relatively easy.

    You love boondocking in the desert and that's great - we'd be miserable!! We enjoy driving out into the desert to spend some time hiking, exploring or just looking around but after that, we're more than happy to head back to the comforts of our RV Park for the night.

    I don't give a whit one way or the other how many RV'ers boondock, or how many stay in RV parks, it's entirely up to them. I'm very happy and comfortable with my RV'ing lifestyle and I'm really glad you are with yours. Cheers, Al - hope to see you and Kelly real soon!

  4. In Rick's comment above he is absolutely correct in what he says & I'm glad my old blogger friend reached out & tapped me a good one on the end of the nose about my opinions. More about this in tonight's blog.

  5. Could not agree with you guys more!

    RVing lifestyle is as diverse as the RVers themselves. It is not only between boondocking or campground, but also about the campground type, the length of stay, the activities in the campground and the list goes on and on.
    Whether you are a FTer, a Snowbird or just a Weekender, your goals could be very different. Peace of mind, Follow the sun, Explore the creation, enjoy family time are just a few to name.
    With all those differences, still there is a lot in common among us, RVers, and generally speaking this is a great group of people that I am very proud to be part of.

    Thanks Al for a great idea, and great time together. We liked it very much, and I am sure our ways will cross again!

  6. I just have to agree with your statement about RVers are a rare breed and are the best people to hang around. Everyone just wants to have fun. Enjoy and hopefully we'll get to meet ya'll one day.

    Rollie & Gina

  7. Al, I'm so happy to see you took my comments positively, as I knew you would because that's the kind of guy you are. I'm glad we can both have an honest exchange of opinions and appreciate each others view. And, don't forget, just keep a piece of 2 x 4 handy o.k., for those occasions when I need a whack across the side of the head as a reminder - in fact, you might need a couple of 2 x 4's.

  8. I think I'm half way between boondocking and RV Parks. I volunteer on National Wildlife Refuges. I have full hookups and plenty of solitude (if I want it) and wildlife to boot. Now if they would just install a heated pool for volunteers, it would be perfect! :) Different strokes for different folks.........

  9. Gosh Al! I'm tickled pink you guys enjoy boondocking so much. It gives me something interesting to read about that type of RVing. Plus, you aren't taking up MY space at an RV park with 50 amp electric!!! :) Have a great time in the desert, Al. And keep showing us those fabulous pics you take of the beauty you are enjoying.

  10. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I met Donna (briefly) near Tombstone and she is a wonderful lady. Wonderful post. Pepper