Saturday, February 13, 2010



Yes, yes, after last night's fiasco with losing my post in Outlook Express I am now on Live Writer full time.....10-4:))

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Little did we know when we headed out on our walk at 8:30 this morning we would be moving the motorhome less than an hour later.  We set out walking in a southeasterly direction which took us across the site we had originally planned to camp on here.  Hmmmmmm.  Walked a little further to another site that had a better view of the Hidden Hills to our northeast.  Double hmmmmmm!!  Well, that did it & the discussions were on.  Should we stay where we were or move about 500 yards to this new site.  Back & forth, back & forth we went weighing all the pros & cons.  Took the best part of half  an hour & finally the decision was made.  Spent the rest of the morning moving:))

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Sometimes you get a feel for a site & sometimes you don't.  One of the clues that a site is sitting well with us is if we begin setting things out like chairs, tables, mats, & especially ornaments & nick knacks.  Kelly busied herself right away hauling all that stuff out so I knew we were going to be happy with the site.  The furry guys loved it too, spending most of the morning exploring around the neighborhood.



It was somewhere in the middle of the moving process when an idea peaked around the corner of a brain lobe & sent a shudder through me.  When I saw what it was I quickly ducked out of the way but it came right back & waved at me again.  Hmmmm, could this be a flash of the old AL I was seeing.  When the idea persisted I stopped, turned around, & stared the very idea square in the eye.


We had received 2 Facebook messages from RV friends this morning saying they were headed into the Quartzsite area today.  Both Rene & Jim from LIVE-WORK-DREAM  & Herb & Bea another couple we first met at Hickiwan Trails 3 years were coincidentally both in Slab City.  They do not know each other.   Somehow my mind connected that with Froggi Donna & Stu from 2 TAKING A FIFTH staying in Yuma at the moment.  The idea picked up a bit of speed when I thought of Motty & Patty from TRAVELING LIVING JOURNEY in an RV Park in Blyth California just over the State line on the Colorado River.  Peter & Patty were right in Quartzsite itself with Janna & Mike from TINTEEPEE up in Bouse.  Jim & Elli  from JUSTRAVELIN were also boondocked with Janna & Mike.   My geography brain kicked in drawing me up a mind map of all their locations in relation to where we were.  'Presto' the idea caught fire & launched.  All those locations were within an hour's drive of our location in the Castle Dome Mountains.            (the links feature is not working in my Live Writer)


Walked over to the motorhome & flew the idea by Kelly.  Needless to say there was a bit of shock but she quickly recovered & climbed on board with the idea.  Minutes later I was seated at the computer tapping out some Facebook messages & emails.  One of the first Facebook comments I received came from Florida with Doug from LIVING OUR DREAM saying....."Al, you are talking about socializing with People. Are you OK?"   Doug.  Well, Doug had a real darn good point there so I felt I owed him an explanation & messaged back...."Fell off a 300 foot cliff landing right on my pointy little head this morning Doug & the first thought I had when coming too was.....'Hey, let's have some people over:))"  Well, it was the most logical reason I could think of at the time!!

DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0014 DSC_6141

Rest of the sunny 68F day was spent setting things up, napping, checking the puter for messages , doggy snuggles, & just some good old fashioned relaxing.  At the moment Kelly is watching the Olympic opening ceremonies & I'm sneaking an occasional peak.  Well actually it has become more than a sneak peak now that all the countries have been introduced.  What a hugely fantastic job they have done with that opening show & I have not typed a thing in this blog since it started.  The special effects, set designs, electronic lighting, performers & countless behind the scenes people, are far better than the whole movie Avatar ever was!!  All the people involved in this opening show ceremony deserve their own Olympic medal for their superb efforts.   Bravo Canada on a performance exceptionally well done:)))))))))))))))))

 DSC_6137 DSC_6139 DSC_6134

Ok, this is where it stands for tomorrow regarding the folks that are coming over.  We are about half way between Yuma & Quartzsite.  Across from a place called Stone Cabin a road runs into the desert called, King Valley Road.  We are about a mile down that road on the left.  So far there is only a fifth wheeler parked between us & the highway.  We will have our flags flying & our GPS co-ordinates are......N 33' 15.1470 by W 114'13.3088.  Elevation 1,594 feet.  Well, those are the numbers Kelly gave me anyway.  Haven't heard back from Bea & Herb but Rene & Jim are bogged down at the Slabs with solar problems.  As far as we know, the rest of the gang will be here sometime after lunch.



And welcome to our 97th follower, Rob68.  I think he might have an interest in UFO's just as I do:))  Oh, & by the way, did I mention the all expense paid trip around the world for our soon to be 100th follower.  Ok, Ok, so it was just another crazy thought in my head after I came too following the 3000 foot cliff fall this morning, or was that a 300 foot fall, or was it not a fall at all.......just a momentary lapse of Cursmudgeonism:))


GROANER'S CORNER:((  You may be getting old if everything hurts , and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work anyway.



The only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now....AL.


  1. Now that you have GPS you can actually measure the height of the fall - interesting. I can't imagine 300 feet fall. That is too many feet at the same time - did they have shoes?
    We are so excited to meet you guys again, and get to know all the others. See ya!

  2. After reading your Blog for about aq month now,i decided to go look up yor self description. Not being a word I was familiar with here in the west I turned to google , who is just like God and Teddy Kennedy they know everything.

    Main Entry: cur·mud·geon
    Pronunciation: \(ˌ)kər-ˈmə-jən\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: origin unknown
    Date: 1568

    1 archaic : miser
    2 : a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man

    — cur·mud·geon·li·ness \-lē-nəs\ noun

    — cur·mud·geon·ly \-lē\ adjective

    I would say that is about 180 degrees off of what I found you to be. Keep on taking those great pics and writing those great blogs


  3. I just checked my email again,it doesnt seem to be working. NO invite to the party :( However teaming the co ordinates with google earth i know just where to find the "Bunch".Thats awesome!Hopefully you'll continue to do that when y'all find points of interest in out of the way places. A good example would be the stone man the cave dwellers cant find in the desert.

    the hermit

  4. I now have a cup of Bayfield in the morning, I've found that the time it takes to enjoy my morning cup of coffee and enjoy your photos and comments is about the same. We too had the opening ceremonies on and agree that they were just outstanding, I couldn't wait to see what type of cinema magic they would come up with next. Enjoy the weather we got two inches of snow in south-central Georgia yesterday.

  5. Throughout afternoon yesterday, I felt off balance, as though something had shifted in the world. A vague feeling - not unease - perhaps a bit of anticipation? Couldn't put my finger on it.


    What other surprises are in store in the universe?? :) :)

    You go, Bayfields!

  6. A get together!? Aww! We would so love to meet up will you all if we were a bit closer. Perhaps we will just have to sit tight and wait to meet up with you on the other side of the boarder. Speaking of the other side of the boarder...we are in no hurry to get back but could sure go for a nice hot Tim Hortons coffee right about now! :) Darn old habits.

    We thought the opening ceremony for the winter Olympics was fantastic as well! I can't help but wonder how many people from all over the world will consider relocating to Vancouver now that they have had a taste of the area? *shudders* We appreciate the beauty of the West coast but the big cities are not for us! :)

    Impressive crystal photo Bayfield Bunch! All of the beautiful desert pictures are putting a SouthWest itch in our hitch!

  7. Goodness gracious! Mr. Curmudgeon MUST have bumped his head and has no memory of the fall!!! Company??? A get-together??? WOW! Sometimes these days...I have my rare moments of madness know, wanting to be around other people too and actually converse with them...but, in small doses...or sometimes one BIG dose will do me for awhile. Must be because I used to HAVE to be around lots of people all the time, organizing events, playing hostess or even ambassador for many years...I guess I had my fill mostly. Then I started backing away a few years ago and one day while shopping (which I hate ALMOST as much as you do), I came across a door mat (I needed a new one at the time) which said "GO AWAY!" in big bold letters on it...and I bought it! Hahahaha!!! It was as if it had been made just for me! And it worked sort of. I'm not that blatant about it any more, though. Anyway, sounds like a nice bunch of folks to visit with. I read some of their blogs, too. - Mary Ann :-)

  8. Al - good for you! Organizing more social events... wish we were closer to you guys and we'd join you but we are here in Tucson for another couple of weeks.

    I agree-- the Opening Ceremonies were great! I thought they did a very good job and taught a lot of us about the great country of Canada! Congrats!

  9. Can't join you at the party, although we'd love to be there. Your backlit morning pictures of the cactus and other desert flora were spectacular. As I told Motty, you go everywhere ahead of us and take all the good pictures, then all we have are leftovers when we get there. Stop that!

  10. Well Al, now that you've posted your gps coordinates, you may end up getting half of Arizona and California to visit your serene and desolate desert hideaway!! Hope you've got lots of hot dogs and hamburgers!!

  11. I think I asked the question a while back. "Who are you and what have you done with Al?"

    You have turned on a spigot, and now you won't be able to turn it off. No more cursmudgeonlyness, but it's now "party time!"!

    Wish I could be there.

  12. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! AL IS HAVING A PARTY!!! You guys, the only reason we didn't have you over to PAWS AND HOOVES while you were here is because we knew that Al didn't like to SOCIALIZE!!!!!!! Al -- next year when you go to Jeanie and Ray's, do that 300 ft. cliff again, and we will have a FUN time at PAWS AND HOOVES!!!!! We all send our love!!!!!!! (and wish we were there!!!) :)))))