Thursday, May 28, 2015


Well Okay I'm slowly getting my 'Blogger' bluster under control & after spending some time with the Blogger format today I've managed to work out a few of the bugs that were adding to my bluster.  I still much prefer 'Microsoft's Live Writer platform because of it's ease & control but if it's gone forever I guess I will just have to live with it & adapt back to Blogger's format again if I want to keep my Bayfield Bunch post going.  Imagine how frustrated I was Wednesday night when I published my post & only saw the photos & no printing.  Had to turn the air in our sunroom half a dozen shades of blue before I was able to  figure out the problem & correct it.  Unfortunately I corrected the text in a bright yellow but hope tonight's toned down color will be easier on the eyes & I'm hoping tonight's text turns out to be  a tad larger as well.


How nice to have ourselves a cooler day going on.  My good friend Richard picked me up at 10 a.m. & we headed off on a backroads coffee tour this morning.  Hadn't done that since last summer sometime & of course it was a couple hours very well spent again.  With both Richard & having reclusive introverted personalities it's amazing we ever get out at all.  We did agree to get ourselves another coffee brew-up going again in a couple weeks. Still more of the world's ills to be resolved.  Richard & I have been good friends for 40 years now & I have written about our friendship a few times before over the years.
Sent an email to Forest City Motorhomes with a photo of the broken part on the Big EEE's hydraulic leveler pump last night & they answered this morning saying 'Good Morning Al and Kelly. Yes, this is definitely something we can take care of here at the dealership. This piece looks to be the actuator valve that has come apart. I have never seen one do that before. We do keep that part in stock, so it “should” be a relatively quick fix, provided we can get the old valve out.'

We will probably combine this repair with Kelly's next appointment at London's University Hospital on June 18th.  Will take the rig & tow the Jeep leaving the Motorhome at Forest City Motorhomes while we slip over to the hospital.  Hopefully repairs will be done & we can pick up the rig a few hours later & head back to Bayfield.  Well that's the plan anyway.
Well I'll keep tonight's post relatively short just in case I have it all Bloggered up again.  Like I said before I am not at all optimistic Google will rectify the Live Writer problem.  Why would they??  Let's just hope I'm wrong about this.............but I doubt it:(( 

GROANER'S CORNER:(( Needing some clothes cleaned in a hurry, a man searched the small Georgia town in which he was visiting until he found a sign which read: "Cleaning and Pressing, 24-Hour Service."  After explaining his needs, he said, "I'll be back for my suit tomorrow."  "Won't be ready until Saturday," replied the proprietor.   "But I thought you had 24-hour service," the customer protested.  "We do, son," the proprietor said reproachfully. "But we only work eight hours a day. Today's Thursday - eight hours today, eight hours Friday, eight on Saturday. That's 24-hour service."
---As an engineer in an upscale hotel, I was asked tAs an engineer in an upscale hotel, I was asked to repair or replace the television in a guest room. When I arrived, the couple was watching a picture one-third the size of the screen.  I knew all our spare sets were in use, so I figured what the heck - I struck the side of the TV with the heel of my hand. The picture returned to full size.  "Look, honey," said the wife to her husband. "He went to the same repair school you did."



  1. Beautiful flower pictures Al. I never used Live Writer...thank goodness!
    Great news about the MH part.

  2. Windows and Google no longer play well on the playground. Your blog text color looks better than last night but just a shade too yellow.

  3. I think I feel as frustrated as you do. What a time I had this afternoon with the old Blogger platform. I wish I could get rid of the red border around my pics. Ugh!

  4. In case this is duplicated, it is my second try at commenting - sorry. Laughed out loud at the lawyer/pigs groaner in the subscription/e-mail version. Note to readers: If you have trouble reading the yellow on white text, select it as though to copy and it will be clear.

  5. I don't have a dog in this fight since I use blogger only, however it seems this is more of a Microsoft glitch than Googles problem. Live Writer is an old program and hasn't been updated for a long time and with the changes over time in Apps, it hasn't kept up. Most likely they will come out with a "new" version sometime that you can purchase and be back in business.

    I can't count the number of programs that run on Windows that aren't backward compatible for various reasons. Got to keep churning the new programs for sale.

    You still have a great blog and your pictures look great.

  6. You are lookin good! The path through your forest looks so inviting. Do you have mosquito problems?

  7. Your post looked great, Like I said before I have always posted directly to Blogger and had Live writer on my mac I guess all depends on what you get used to.
    Good luck with your coach.

  8. THis is a junior high school tit for tat fight between google and microsoft. Both are ignoring their customer's needs and desires. I really hate that so many people are going to cave on this and keep their business with Google. I wish they would lose every blogger who used to post with Livewriter and that they would all move to Wordpress. I've heard that importing to workpress is easier than using blogger straight up.

    1. I had no problem making the transition from blogger to WordPress. Pretty much just the push of a button.

  9. The flowers are beautiful and thanks for including the lovely forest path - it looks like such a cool retreat. Great to get such a quick response from the dealer, and that they have the part in stock. Sounds like it turned out well all around on that little mishap!

  10. Although I prefer LiveWriter I did learn to post directly from blogger when needed. Of course now I'm using WordPress. Thanks for toning down the text color and increasing the size. Gorgeous flowers your way now. Hope the dealer can fix that problem quickly.

  11. Yes, I like this toned down yellow better - it's very easy to read. I enjoy using just Blogger. I backed up all my posts to Wordpress - but honestly, I keep it as a back-up. I like using Blogger, thank goodness.